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Release Date: January 10, 2021

Looking back, I never imagined I’d be standing here, asking for forgiveness... yet here I am, ready to fall on my knees and do whatever it takes. Wanting her was never an option, but when your heart knows, everything else ceases to exist. Consequences be damned.

I returned home broken and lost, refusing to connect to my old life, knowing what lurks in the shadows there. Afraid I’ll hate myself even more for hiding the untold truths, and yet I can’t bring myself to set them free. Set myself free... Until her.

In her arms, I find sanctuary. Her love not only encompasses me, but it also drives the darkness away and serves as a beacon of hope— my salvation.

When our pasts are brought to light, we’re thrust into the hell of our own creation. Will Scarlet forgive me for the blood on my hands?

Only absolution will see us through.