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Release Date: April 17, 2020

When I took a job as a professional bridesmaid, I never thought it might be the death of me. Instead of getting extra cash, I almost got kidnapped, thanks to the information I unknowingly came across.
In an expected turn of events, I’m rescued by none other than my cousin’s grumpy, dominant, all too sexy-for-his-own-good friend, Wade Baker. Now, he thinks it’s his mission to continue to protect me, while simultaneously torturing me with his very existence, and be my bodyguard through Cole Security Forces.
In order to do that, he hides me away on a farm in his small town in Tennessee where I get to be his pretend girlfriend. One fake kiss and trip in the pond was all it took for our relationship to become real.
Now I want more. I want it all—with him.
But Wade is hiding more than just our location. Our lives are at stake and neither of us can afford to risk our hearts.
I may have his allegiance, but not his secrets and that might be what destroys us both.