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Release Date: January 9, 2022

One wild night. Ten years of regret. Will a second night ruin them forever?


Ten years ago, Kane Walker stole my heart.

One night of passion and emotional revelations was all it took. All of my pain and turmoil shared with someone who actually understood. Or so I thought. The degrading video that he broadcast to the world the next day proved otherwise.

But if I want closure, I'm going to have to face him again. And this time it won't be me on knees — it'll be him.


Ten years ago, Grace Clemente ran away with my heart.

Grabbed it and took off without so much as a backward glance. I could have followed the same downward spiral of my life into complete destruction, but I chose to fix my mistakes. If I'm ever lucky enough that she returns, she won't find the deadbeat she expects. She'll find the town sheriff.

And maybe this time I won't let her go — even if it means locking her up.