While helping my mom move, I find this journal written by one of my family’s ancestors nearly two hundred years ago. Holy cow! The more I read of it, I’m literally blown away. Because my great (like quadrupled or something) grandmother and I have more in common than I ever could have imagined… It’s uncanny…

Mrs. Naomi Gilcrest believes her life is settled. She has a husband, a home. She is happily awaiting her husband to return from battle and after that, the birth of their first child.

Until a late autumn visit from her husband’s commander shatters everything.
Lord Major Lucas Cockfield solemnly travels to Arthur Gilcrest’s house to deliver the news, to honor one of his soldiers. He does not intend to stay more than a day, let alone a week, or a month, but when he meets Naomi, he finds it impossible to walk away.

The timing is all wrong. The circumstances are unacceptable. But life is short and when secrets are revealed, the obstacles begin to fall away.

Until the shadow of another man returns.

Will he cast darkness on their love before it has the chance to blossom? Or will Lucas and Naomi beat unsurmountable odds and reclaim the love that fate tried to deny?