That single word is what I’ve relied on now more than ever. Strength keeps me going. Strength makes me get up every day.
Even with the pain.
It was my dad’s job. He was the founder and CEO of the best tech company. But with his death, it’s now mine. And I’m damn good at it.
Until the threats start.
With Cat’s urging, I hire Jackson’s company to protect me and find the guy responsible. I didn’t expect my bodyguard to look that good. His body was a dream, his face was perfection, and his dark eyes drew me in. Too bad he carried a past that tarnished his present.
Because Luka Sarbent has the potential for love.
But when the threats start to get more perilous, his heart hardens.
I trust him to keep me safe from the dangers thrown at me, but I don’t trust him with my heart. Ironic really … because I’ve never felt more guarded …