Life can leave you vulnerable when you least expect it—it can leave you lost with nowhere to turn. Life can bring you down hard, and my god did I fall.
At war with my thoughts and feelings, I drank away my demons because I was too scared to voice them.
I was living a lie, yet the one I craved I didn’t know how to grasp.
Afraid, I ran in the direction of a freedom that never came.
Then I saw him, and he changed everything.
He changed me.


Nora Nelson invades my thoughts so strongly I find it hard to breathe.
However, she is my best friend’s kid sister, and that alone makes her forbidden.
When she leaves for college, it should be the diversion I need, except, I find myself craving her all the more.
In a world so frayed, she is the one thing that brings me hope—the guidance I never realized I needed—and when tragedy strikes, I vow to protect her with everything I have.
There is just one problem: her brother.
Torn between loyalty and love, I’m ready to fight the battle I know is coming.
Even if it has the potential to ruin everything.
Even if it means losing everything.
Even if it means losing her.