I do not have time for a blind date. But that’s exactly what I find myself on, thanks to my meddling friend.

The worst part is that it’s with a guy I already met—and was kind of a jerk. A very hot jerk who works for Cole Security Forces, but still . . . I have much more important things to do, like finding the killer who took my partner on the police force.

On this date, Tyler isn’t a jerk. He’s funny, sweet, and makes my heart race when he looks at me from across the table. Neither of us want anything serious, and we agree to no strings attached.

We both should’ve known better. Nothing in our line of work ever goes as planned. When I get a break in my case, I know I have to tread carefully. Already there are feelings between us, ones we didn’t anticipate. He has my heart, and that’s a danger to us both.

When I go undercover to catch the killer, I have no choice but to keep Tyler in the dark and break both our hearts in the process.

Love is uncharted territory, and I hope we don’t get lost trying to find our way back.