He doesn’t remember, but I could never forget…

A small-town girl like me was way too practical to expect a fairy tale, but that’s exactly what happened when Lionel Kral walked through my honey stand.
He swept me off my feet with just a smile. I had no idea who he was, but I knew we were from two very different worlds.
I tried to resist him, I really did, but the damn man was persistent. He promised to love me forever… I believed every single word.
Then one day he just vanished and in my search for the man who stole my heart, I discovered that my happily ever after was an evil fabrication.
The perfect future I envisioned for us collapsed in front of me like a house of cards.
The man I barely knew was more a stranger than I ever imagined.
Lionel asked for answers I didn’t have, and he couldn’t give me the only thing I craved from him. Trust.
A gravity-like force drew us together, but deception tore us apart.
I refused to fall for another lie.
Could he offer me the love I’d always wanted?

If you love intense romances sprinkled with great banter and lots of steam, then you will love this page-turner story.
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