If someone told Tatum six months ago that she’d be running down the road in a wedding dress, she’d have laughed. With each step of her white flats, she realizes it’s really no laughing matter. But with the help of strangers, she at least has a safe place to hide. Now all she has to do is solve the mystery of her parent’s death and get her life back.

All Rush wants after a grueling ride through four states is to walk into his new home, fall face down on the first piece of soft furniture, and sleep for hours. When he arrives, however, he discovers an addition to his bedroom that wasn’t listed in any of the closing documents. . .a drop-dead-gorgeous woman, wrapped in a towel, singing off-key into a hairbrush.

Can a serial relationshipist unveil the heart of the passionate but wounded woman posing as his housekeeper or will his emotional unavailability destroy their newly-forged connection?