~He was her salvation, she was his oblivion.~


My entire world shattered the day my mom’s twenty-one-year long lie blew up in her face.
If only that was the end of our family secrets and deceit.
Taken, manipulated, and used as a pawn in a political game, I didn’t think life could get more complicated.
That was until I ran into Dante again.
Once my lover, then my salvation, his wolfish eyes now look through me as if none of that ever mattered.


The day I left the Green Berets was the day I failed my comrades. There was only so much bullshit, loss, and destruction one could take, and I was foolish to think it would end when I hung up my uniform for good.
When Penny crashed into my life for the second time, not only did she have me torn between our past and the present, she created one helluva problem…
I want so much more than the contract with her father allows.