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Release Date: June 6, 2021

This isn’t a fairy tale.
I’m not a French maiden captured by the beast who turns into a prince.
My story is quite the opposite.
My knight in shining armor is really just a monster hidden behind rugged good looks and a leather jacket.

Drake Wilder saves me from one hell only to subject me to his own brand of torment.
For years, I remain his prisoner, kept under lock and key and punished for every infraction.
I yearn to escape, but in my desperation, I become careless.
Once freedom is finally within reach, I let my guard down long enough for him to ensure I’ll be tied to him forever.

But sometimes, when all hope seems lost, that’s the moment a savior lands on your doorstep.
And my savior…he’s a Navy SEAL searching for redemption.
Devon Kingsley has a past, ghost haunt his dreams.
And one final demon to slay.