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Release Date: April 17, 2020

As a single mom and business owner, dating is the last thing on my mind.

Then Nate walks into my bar.

There’s something about him that intrigues me, and I can’t deny my attraction to him. I’ve never felt this way about a man before, so when he asks me out on a date, of course I say yes.

But Nate’s only in town for a short time. How far can our relationship really go?

I have one job to do––find the domestic terrorist Cole Security sent me to find. But when I meet Shawna, I can’t help the way I feel about her. We have incredible chemistry, and I find myself falling for her––hard.

There’s just one problem––she doesn’t know who I really am, or the real reason I’m here.

When she finds out the truth, she may never talk to me again.