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Release Date: July 11, 2021

Genevieve Miller

I thought I found a prince, but he turned out to be a toad. Then that toad turned into a monster and I ran away, taking my little girl with me. Deciding to start over, I moved to Virginia, hoping for a safe place to live and finding so much more. I found my gorgeous neighbor, and he set out to heal my heart, to show me true happiness existed. But when evil comes knocking on my door, I discover that even my newfound salvation might not be enough to protect me.

Sawyer Ellsbury

Being a Ranger was my life, until it was taken away from me in the blink of an eye. I spent years healing and trying to decide what my next steps would be. Owning a boxing gym is my own slice of heaven, and I never thought it would get any better until my new neighbor moves in with her little girl. I want them more than my next breath of air, but I have to prove to her that I’m worth the risk. I’ve vowed to always protect them, but soon enough I’m fighting to keep that promise. And if I can’t, we just might lose everything.