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Release Date: January 10, 2021

Meghan is my biggest challenge yet. With her beauty, brains, and brazen sass, she is the first girl to not fall for my charm. Until now, I’ve never had to work for a woman to want me.
I want her. I need her. I'm getting high just from her presence. I know she will cave one day, I can see it in the way she looks at me and the way her body reacts when I touch her.
With each day that passes, I can feel her giving in. Her resistance fleeting as she slowly falls for what we could be. What I want us to become.
Unfortunately, Meghan has been hurt in the past and she's letting that influence how she feels about me. Now, I need to make sure she knows I'm not like the guys she used to know and I'm willing to do anything to show her just that.

Meghan (Meg)
If I had learned one thing growing up, it was that life was short. After my fiance was killed in a building fire, I refused to let people in. Throwing myself into school and work, I guarded my heart and made a plan to build a future--by myself.
As hard as I try to fight Ryder and his delicious temptations, I am quickly discovering the urge to be with him might just outweigh my own stuborness. His job is dangerous and I have already had my heart broken once before.
I fell for him hard and we both know it, but I'm the last person to admit it. Call it strong-willed, but I am not ready to have my heart broken again.
Now, Ryder refuses to give up his chase and I don't know how much longer I can fight my feelings for him. I can tell he is different, but can I really trust him with my heart?