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Release Date: January 10, 2021

Even lies meant to protect cut deep.

Hennie Marsh gladly focuses on her career in public relations over matters of the heart. Years ago, thanks to Tate Palmer, she learned that relationships only lead to pain. She’ll take professional success over that unnecessary headache any day!

Tate Palmer has a secret. One he has kept since high school. He loves Hennie Marsh... always has. When he told her he cheated on her it was a lie to ensure she would go to her first-choice college and pursue the career of her dreams.

When Hennie is summoned to NY to meet with the CEO of Jensen A&E, she has no idea Tate is her prospective client. But the revelations don’t stop there. When the truth comes out, can Hennie forgive Tate’s deception? Or will more lies from the past surface, and rip away any chance of reconciliation?