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Release Date: 2021

Unbreakable is an emotional, second chance, contemporary romance written in Corinne Michaels’s Salvation Series World.
She was never mine to keep.
I fell for her in college when she was my best friend’s girl. One night, I risked it all and told her how I felt. That I wanted to be more than simply her friend Aiden. The stars aligned, and I thought she would be mine forever.
But in the end, she didn’t choose me, so I left it all behind to start over in New York City.
I never thought I’d see Sage again. That is, until eight years later.
To my complete shock, Sage shows up to my company’s meeting as our publicist’s new assistant.
And she’s… single.
But she says she wants to keep things between us professional. Polite. Courteous. As if our history can keep us from combusting.
The more time we spend together, the more we’re forced to face our past. A past that could push us apart once and for all.
Can two broken people like us ultimately share a love that’s unbreakable?